How Can We Serve And Add Value To You As An Individual And As A Conscious Business Owner?

Our Solutions

Our core competencies are in Mobile Commerce, Cybersecurity and App Development and have structured our company around these solutions. We offer complimentary Consulting services on these areas to all our clients who engage us on projects. With a combination of both onshore and offshore resources we are able to leverage the synergy of the highly qualified international talent for the most cost effective and optimum solution for our clients.


This is our flagship Cybersecurity app for secure file transfers, storage and management on your very own secure server through any Internet connected device equipped with a web browser. Protect your clients who trust you with their confidential Health, Financial, Personal records and your own business from unauthorized intrusions and compliance violations.


We specialize in design and development of mobile optimized and responsive websites which are absolute necessities to make your presence known to smartphone users. With built in SEO that we derive based on in-depth research in your niche and competition, all of our custom developed websites are built using native HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL and JQuery.


We are passionate about Cyber Security and offer consulting services to our clients when it comes to securing the confidential digital data such a corporate classified content or digital data containing PHI, PII and NPI of their own clients, patients and business partners. We can help you stay compliant with Privacy Laws, Regulatory and Statutory Rules and Mandates.


We also develop custom business web applications and mobile apps on the iOS and Android platforms. Get in touch with us with your specific business needs and we can provide you with guidance on the best approach to develop such a web or mobile app. We use PHP, AJAX, JQuery, MySQL technologies to develop web apps and Swift and Java for native mobile apps.


In this unique service we do exclusive local lead generation for a single client per niche per city. Leads are pre-warmed in your marketing funnels and that call to action if routed through our technology directly to the client's phone. We deliver leads FREE to start with to prove our services to our clients, before talking terms.


We offer local search engine optimization services for local small business owners to increase their organic rank in search engines using all white hat techniques. There are specific formulas and techniques prescribed by Google and Bing that we apply to get our clients up on the organic ranks consistently. No guarantees but tangible results.


Apart from the ICreateSecureChannel web application which is available as COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf), all of our other projects are customized for our clients, so there are no standard prices that we can provide. However, we can provide you with a ballpark of some of our starting prices.


Starting $2500/site
  • Responsive Design
  • Built in SEO Controls
  • Mobile Device Friendly
  • Custom Designs
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Case By Case Basis
  • Exclusive Local Leads
  • Pre-warmed To Buy
  • Delivered To Phone
  • Try Before Your Buy
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About Us

Seriously, How can we serve and add value to you as an individual and as a conscious business owner? As part of a grassroots movement called "Conscious Capitalism" our company has been founded with the principle of service and adding value to our clients first before we can conduct commerce. Businesses of any size in any industry rely and thrive on certain core technologies, and small businesses hold back their aspirations due to a perceived sticker shock on such core technologies. We endeavor to bring Fortune-grade technology to small businesses around the world at a fraction of the cost.

Being based in Southern California with the alleged laid-back lifestyle, you could imaging us working from the gorgeous beaches by the Pacific. While this dream will probably come true one day, in reality we are a bunch of seasoned web programmers, cybersecurity geeks, software engineers and architects who are committed to delivering the most optimum solutions for our clients in our domain of expertise.

Our team is composed of both onshore (Southern California) and offshore resources who know how to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to cybersecurity, mobile commerce, web and app development. This way we not only are in a position to offer excellent international talent but also deliver projects for our clients with high quality in a cost effective manner. When you are looking for creativity, innovation and high quality at a great price reach out to us and experience ICREATE Technologies.


Local Lead Generation Projects


Mobile Optimized Web Design




Web App Development


Search Engine Optimization


Supporting Conscious Capitalism


Personal Development And Creativity




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